What is it?

MCS is a machine monitoring and reporting system intended to help businesses improve the efficiency and utilization of their CNC machines. The entire system has been designed as a communication tool that allows everyone involved to better understand how and where machine time is being spent. In terms of metrics, the cornerstone of MCS lies in the concept of Earned Value, a key indicator used to quickly and accurately gauge the efficiency of any machine tool.

How does it work?

MCS can be connected to virtually any CNC machine on the shop floor. Once installed and configured the system continuously gathers live data from each machine giving you a true representation of both real-time performance and overall efficiency. Data is stored on-site and is accessible through an intuitive and simple to use web-browser interface. As a web-based interface, the system is accessible anywhere via the company's local network infrastructure. Managers can view data anytime, anywhere; operators can input events and downtime reason codes; and executives can make key decisions based on reliable data to guide their company in the right direction.

MCS is one of the most intuitive and cost effective systems you'll find on the market today.

What are the Benefits?

Most businesses see an immediate improvement in efficiency as soon as MCS begins reporting. Several of our customers have experienced improvements of 20-30% immediately after implementing our system.

MCS helps unlock the mystery of machine efficiency in a format everyone in the organization can understand. Once people understand where time is spent they can then focus on effective ways to increase productivity.

Most everyone agrees that it's best to fix problems as soon as they arise. MCS can help identify those issues within hours instead of weeks or months down the road. Machine downtime can be quickly assessed allowing for fast resolution when machines aren’t running at peak efficiency.

Continuous monitoring provided by MCS can help sustain positive changes by making it easy to identify which process adjustments actually work and which ones fade over time.

How is it Different?

We offer very competitive pricing with a simple licensing plan allowing you to get all your machines on-line as quickly as possible.

MCS is one of the simplest, most intuitive systems you’ll find on the market today.

Our sophisticated algorithms automatically crunch the raw data into instantly usable results which are available anytime and practically anywhere.

Many other systems only monitor spindle time, part count, or some other metric that only provides a glimpse of the whole picture. We monitor true in-cycle time and feedrate override values to give an accurate representation of real machine efficiency.

By focusing on earned value instead of abstract concepts, MCS gets everyone in the organization talking the same language at all levels.

We use highly reliable and proven data acquisition methods that enable us to connect to virtually any machine in the shop. Installation is quick and effortless with little impact to the current production schedule. In most cases, installation requires only a few minutes on each machine.

24/7 monitoring of every machine with low bandwidth for highly responsive real-time feedback.

Operator input is simple, fast and flexible. It can be performed from just about any device capable of running a modern web-browser. In addition, we provide built-in support for bar-coding systems, real-time input, and reconciliation.

All data in the system is hosted on the customer site making it highly secure and available for data mining and custom reporting.