What is it?

NC Transform (NCT) uses a full six degrees of freedom and iterative orient probe capability to fine tune the true part location to the machine coordinate system. When applied to a machining process, this technology will nearly eliminate off machine scrap and non-conformances. If a part location is not capable of yielding a good production part, the system automatically stops the operation until the issue is corrected.

When applied correctly to a machining process, NCT will nearly eliminate machine scrap and non-conformances.

How does it work?

NCT corrects for 9 of the 13 machine setup elements of variation. In those 9 elements are the most common drivers of non-conformances and scrapped parts. With those elements removed from your machine process, your rework and scrap costs will plummet.

NC Transform is an automated application. That means that operator input is minimized, and therefore operator opportunities for error are minimized. When combined with standard work practices, a machine center can nearly eliminate non-conformances. This brings saving to the bottom line, and immediately affects annual profit levels of the company.

What are the Benefits?

By using NCT, setup time can be greatly reduced. No longer is a mechanic working with a dial indicator up on a machine tapping in the tool base as part of the setup. With simple fixtures and the ability of NCT to locate the part, setup times can be cut from hours to minutes.

NCT also increases set-up accuracy. By eliminating tolerance robbing elements of the machine and part set-up, NCT helps a machine hit higher tolerances in every application. By measuring the part itself, as opposed to tools or pallet faces, NCT establishes a coordinate system free of the machine to pallet, pallet to tool, and tool to part tolerance losses. In the higher tolerance world of today's engineering, these tolerance losses can stack up to leave very little room for the actual part machine process variations.

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