NC Transform

Our flagship adaptive machining software for the modern factory—measure twice and cut once.
You have spent considerable money on developing a process with machines, fixtures, programming, and training so why do you still get scrap and nonconforming parts? Let NCSS show you how NCT simply ties everything together to make good parts.
NC Transform Adaptive Machining Software

Let’s face it, human error is unavoidable.

Understandable, even. But it’s also expensive.
Our software all but eliminates human error with its adaptive machining capabilities.

Even mild errors can cost tens of thousands of dollars (or more!). With NCT’s intelligent CNC probing, you don’t have to accept expensive errors as just “part of the process.”

It adapts your existing process to accommodate for mis-aligned materials and irregular or misshapen parts. This all means that you get a compliant part, every time, with no mistakes.

Costly mistakes are a thing of the past when running NCT.

Why choose us

What Makes NC Transform Different?

Ease of Use

Our user-friendly interface means this program truly does take the headache out of automating your factory. State of the art doesn’t have to mean confusing or complicated when you choose NCT for your Industry 4.0 factory.

Platform Independent

Unlike other adaptive platforms, NCT does not rely on your CAD/CAM software. Consequently, your current programming process is compatible with NCT. You probably don’t have a factory dedicated to one specific machine tool builder. NCT runs on any machine, making this a nonissue for your smart factory.

Cost of Implementation is Low

Especially when compared against the cost of mistakes, complicated fixtures, and rework, implementing this software is affordable and convenient. Unlike other adaptive platforms, NCT does not require the purchase of additional machine cycles. View our case studies and see for yourself.

Quick & Convenient Installation

It doesn’t take days, weeks, or months to take your factory to the next level. You don’t even have to do it yourself. We come to you and install, demonstrate, and train your team.

What is Adaptive Machining?

To learn more about our adaptive machining, click on the link below to view a comprehensive PDF.


What They Say

Available Add-Ons

On Machine Inspection

On Machine Inspection is a valuable add-on to our NCT Software. This intelligent software allows parts to be inspected while they’re still on the machine, eliminating unnecessary labor and downtime.

NC Tool Comp

NC Tool Comp is an intelligent software that adjusts the programmed tool size according to what’s been loaded into the machine. NC Tool Comp means no more throwing out worn out tools—you can now resurface old tools, reload and NCTC will automatically adjust even complex tool paths accordingly. This extends the life of each tool and saves countless dollars over time.

Feature Correction

We’re proud of our Feature Correction add-on because it’s what every Industry 4.0 factory strives for: true machine learning for continual improvement in each part. Feature Correction is a closed-loop machining system, learning from each CMM inspection and ensuring that each part is better with every run.

Questions about our software?

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